Testimonials posted on our Facebook page Thank you, George loves his new patches :)”  Mrs Gold. “These patches and posters have been great for my little boy, much nicer than those given by the hospital!”  Mrs Webster - Barker “Excellent service, delivered in less than 24 hours. My son loves the zebra design the best”  Donna Thornton “She will put these patches on her self. If only I could get them in stores.” Stacy McMahan “This is the second round we've had to use a patch for my son's Brown Syndrome. His Preschool teacher had ordered these patches for her grandson and didn't need them anymore and gave them to him. We have actually been able to patch the recommended 6 hrs a day with these THANK YOU !!” Jaime Ellis “I would just like to thank theses wonderful people, After 2 1/2 years my daughter suddenly had a turn in her eye and lost some of the sight. after visiting the doctors and getting refered to the hospital we seen the eye doc's first time we were given theses patches, The next time we were given a foam pad to place over the glasses she wears but this was useless, when we went back the 3rd time we were given the plaster type ones,” Alistair Davis “We contacted orthoptic supplies and they were so helpful and kind and organised a very simple transaction for 2 boxes as well as informing us they would include 2 posters for us to fill in to help with keeping it novel.” Alistair Davis “My little girl has been patching for almost a year now. She loves her patches and especially loves the reward charts. She knows she has to wear it for the right length of time otherwise it doesn't go on the "dress". A fantastic leap forward from the nasty brown super sticky ones I had!!! Great products, thank you.” Katie Beaujeux “Fabulous patches and wonderful service (arrived next day) - thank you! My little girl is so excited to wear her sparkly ladybird patch, I think it's actually going to be hard to convince her to take it off!” Kate Mackey “Thank you so much for the charts! she loves it....many greetings Sabrina and my girl Kyara” Sabrina Maes” Click here to see us on Facebook