Wearing an eye patch can be traumatic for a young child and their parents and close family. However it is important to understand that compliance with a clinician’s advice and instructions is vital if we are to avoid a permanent loss of vision in the “lazy” eye. Young children will probably not understand why their better eye has to be covered at times so we try to make wearing a patch more tolerable by trying to introduce an element of fun . We do this by providing patterned patches which children much prefer to the boring plain ones. In addition we supply our very popular motivational posters wherechildren can stick their discarded patches to make a multi-coloued poster. You can see them by clicking here. Welcome Welcome to Orthoptic Supplies Amblyopia treatment Amblyopia has many causes. It usually occurs as a result of a disruption in the visual development during the early stages of a child’s development. It is important that the treatment for amblyopia occurs during this period. The treatment includes covering the better eye with an eye patch for a period of time each day. This encourages the brain to use the lazy eye ( or amblyopic eye) and therefore encourage the weak eye to improve. "We are here to help orthoptists, parents, teachers but especially children . We try to make wearing an eye patch comfortable, easy and FUN." if you live outside the UK please email Trusetal here to find your nearest distributor. Join us on Facebook Click on “ Eye Patches” on the navigation bar to peruse our complete range of patterned patches. Click on icon to join us on Twitter and facebook