FAQs What are Ortopad® patches made of? They are made of a mono-stretch, soft cotton material that allows the skin to breathe. The adhesive is hypo-allergenic and latex-free, so skin irritation and allergic reactions are rare. The Ortopad® is free from rubber, resins or gluten. The patch contains a special black inlay that shields the eye from light. What size will fit my child best? The Junior size is recommended for the infant and up to 2 years of age, the Medium size is for ages 2 to 4 years, and the Regular size is for children older than 4 years. The patch should cover the entire eye area, from above the brow and down onto the cheekbone. If the patch falls into the bony area of the eye itself, then a larger patch is needed. How should the patch be put on my child's face? The patch should be angled so the more narrow part with slits crosses the bridge of the nose and the wider part is on the cheekbone and the bony temple area. Make certain that it adheres well so that there are no "peek holes". See the video here. Why does my child need such a large patch? There are several reasons why a patch that covers the entire eye area are necessary: 1) it keeps the adhesive out of the eyebrow area. 2)it is more comfortable, as the patch is further away from the eye allowing the child to open the eye 3) most importantly, since the eye can be opened, a properly sized patch has a properly sized padded inlay that will provide maximal protection from light