To order tel: 01642 530801 Ortolux dressings  Protective Eye Shields Chamber: approx. 56 x 37 mm Small size:adhesive edge: approx. 16 mm, nasal 24 mm Large size:adhesive edge: approx. 22 mm, nasal 35 mm Sterile, ergonomically contoured protective eye shield with transparent, unbreakable chamber. Hypoallergenic due to very gentle adhesive (activated by body temperature). Especially suitable for maintaining a moist chamber in cases of Lagophthalmus, Bell's Palsy and after care for LASIK surgeries. The bandage enables a wide field of vision. Available in two different outer dimensions with the same chamber size:  Product code small        Pack of 20  70106    Total size: approx 96 x 67mm                                Product code large       Pack of 20 70108 Total size: approx 113 x 80mm