Orthoptic Supplies


 Orthoptic Supplies is the sole UK distributor for

Trusetal GMBH of Germany. We provide eye

patches for children who have been diagnosed

with strabismus and amblyopia. This condition is

also known as a squint or lazy eye. Our

specialised eye patches are designed to

encourage the weaker eye to function better and

thus improve the vision in that eye. A child with

amblyopia usually has reduced vision in one eye.

Occasionally children are allergic to some eye

patches. At Orthoptic Supplies our eye patches 

provide a comfortable solution by using non-

allergenic, gentle adhesive. Furthermore our

colourful, patterned eye patches can help make

occlusion therapy fun.

We are here to help orthoptists, parents, teachers but especially children . We try to make wearing an eye patch comfortable, easy and FUN.

 Amblyopia treatment Amblyopia

has many causes. It usually occurs

as a result of a disruption in  the

visual development during the

early stages of a child’s

development. It is  important that

the treatment for amblyopia

occurs during this period. The 

treatment includes covering the

better eye with an eye patch for a

period of  time each day. This

encourages the brain to use the

lazy eye ( or amblyopic  eye) and

therefore encourage the weak eye

to improve.   

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